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Frequently asked questions about weddings

I really love your work, could you please hold our date?

A date is only confirmed once the deposit is made and the contract is signed. When enquiries are received, that date is flagged and entries are made in my diary.  All other couples who request the same date are then informed that another couple has enquired about that specific date. The date is only confirmed once a deposit has been received and a contract is signed. I believe in dedicating my time to the special occasion and therefore to do not book more than one function per day.

Our Wedding or Photo Shoot has been cancelled, can we get our deposit back?

If for whatever reason the date is cancelled or rescheduled, I will try my best to accommodate the new date, as long as the new date is within a one year period of the original date booked. Weddings or functions that have been cancelled or postponed indefinitely will only be refunded, if I am able to secure another wedding or similar photo shoot on that same day. The deposit will also be refunded if any emergencies occur from the side of the photographer.

I am really camera shy and it is always visible in photographs. How do you get people to look so relaxed?

I do not work according to a set pattern, where I pose and style people and then on the count of “Three” … say cheese. People do not look natural in these environments and tend to look terrible in the photographs as they look uncomfortable as the smile appears to be a false smile. I scout the venue of the photo shoot before hand and I try and meet the people personally before their photo shoot to discuss the individual needs. I like to direct and pose the people in a natural way, thereby making the people relaxed and comfortable in all situations. I usually request between 45 minutes to an hour and a half for wedding photographs to be captured after the wedding ceremony for the close and personal special moments to be captured. For the rest of the special day, I try and take a “photojournalistic” approach where I capture the special moments in an unobtrusive manner. In the past some people have insisted on me capturing the event in a photojournalistic approach and then they have been disappointed with the photographs of themselves as either the background is not pleasant or the interaction between the people has been unnatural. Not all people photograph well naturally and sometimes you need perfect lighting to turn a normal looking venue into a spectacular background. For this reason, sometime away from your guests will ensure that you get quality images.

You mention as part of your packages, we get a CD or DVD with the High Resolution edited images. Why is this so important?

Many photographers do not release the high resolution images, which act as your digital negatives. This means that in addition to the package that you have purchased, you will need to go back to the same photographer for any reprints that you wish to make and therefore you will be obliged to pay the prices set by the photographer. None of my photographs are water marked, which allows you to receive the original photographs and to be able to print your special photographs as you so desire. My policy is that at the end of the photo shoot, these special moments are your memories. All my packages include a CD or DVD of a high resolution quality. This means you will be able to cherish your memories for many years to come. If at a later stage, you decide to print additional photographs, you are free to do so. This high resolution CD or DVD can be duplicated as many times as you so desire and this disc can be sent to family members or friends that could not attend your special photo shoot or day to remember.

You mention that images are edited, to what extent will my photographs be edited as I am not a fan of overly edited photographs.

All the photographs featured on the high resolution CD or DVD will go through some form of editing. Some of this editing may not be visible to the “amateur eye” but it will enhance your features, as well as the overall mood of the photographs. It is for this reason that I ask for a two to three week period before I hand over the discs of photographs and printed images when requested.

Do you offer engagement shoots, prior to our wedding?

If requested, I capture photographs of the engagement celebrations as well as spending time in getting to know the desires of the potential client. I meet with clients before to discuss the activities of the special day as I believe your “Special Day “ is important to you and I would not like to miss any special intimate moment.
What Wedding Packages do you offer?

My Wedding Packages are reasonably priced.  Due to different requests, packages can be adjusted to suit the needs of the clientele.  Transport  and accommodation charges are applicable for out of town packages . Please email me at or contact me on Cell Phone 083 272 1903 for a list of packages and prices. Please note quotations are only valid for three weeks. Packages can be adjusted to suite your needs.

I am not a fan of formal shots and would prefer to leave them out but my mother insists on posed photographs - What should I do?

Formal shots are never important when you are young and a lot of young people want to skip the formalities. My advice is although it is your wedding day, it is also the coming together of two new families, treasure the memories and capture the special moments together. It will also make your parents and in-laws happy!

Besides Wedding Photography, What other Photographic Shoots have you done?

I am passionate about capturing special moments for my clients. I have done photographs of Engagements, Weddings, Family Portraits, Family Functions, Business Functions, Advertising, Children, Matric Dances, 21st parties, Kiddies Parties, Child Birth, Pets. I can be contacted for photographs of any special event. My contact details are Cell Phone: 083 272 1903 Email:

I am satisfied with you being my Photographer, How do I book you?

First confirm my availability either by phone or via E-mail and once you have paid the deposit and the contract is signed, I look forward to capturing your special memories as your photographer.

Why should we book you?

My approach to photographing each photo shoot is fresh and unique to each individual couple or group. Documenting your unique special moment is of the utmost priority. I like to ensure that every moment is captured in a fun, natural and elegant way. I aim to provide you with quality images that will last you a lifetime. I would like to believe that you would be reminded of the special moment each time you view your photographs.
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